Download Monkey Masks

Now you can download a monkey mask as featured in Songs with Simon’s Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. Maybe you can make your own video and upload it to the Songs with Simon Facebook page! If you decide to upload direct to YouTube, make sure you let us know about it so we can let everyone know about your great video.

How does it work?

Simply click on an image below to open it in a new window. Then you can either print it, or right click and “Save” or “Copy” the image to your computer.

Monkey Masks for Kids

Monkey Mask - Happy - LargeMonkey Mask - Worried - LargeMonkey Mask - Miserable - LargeMonkey Mask - Angry - Large  Monkey Mask - Mother - LargeMonkey Mask - Doctor - Large

Monkey Masks for Adults

Monkey Mask - Happy - SmallMonkey Mask - Worried - SmallMonkey Mask - Miserable - Small Monkey Mask - Angry - Small Monkey Mask - Mother - Small Monkey Mask - Doctor - Small