There was a lady all skin and bone.

Sure such a lady was never known.

It happened upon a certain day,

This lady went to church to pray.


When she came to the church stile,

There she did rest a little while.

When she came to the church yard,

There the bells so loud she heard.


When she came to the church door,

She stopped to rest a little more.

When she came the church within,

The parson prayed ‘gainst pride and sin.


On looking up, on looking down,

She saw a dead man on the ground,

And from his nose unto his chin

The worms crawled out, the worms crawled in.


The she unto the parson said,

“Shall I be so when I am dead?”

“O yes! O yes,” the parson said,

“You will be so when you are dead.”


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