There was a little man

And he wooed a little maid

And he said, “Little maid, will you wed, wed, wed?

I have little more to say

Than will you, yea or nay?

For the least said is soonest mended, ded, ded.”


Then this little maid, she said,

“Little sir, you’ve little said

To induce a little maid for to wed, wed, wed.

You must say a little more

And produce a little ore

Ere I to the church will be led, led, led.”


Then the little man replied,

“If you’ll be my little bride

I will raise my love notes a little higher, higher, higher.

Though I little love to prate

Yet you’ll find my heart is great

With the little God of Love all on fire, fire, fire.”


Then the little maid replied,

“If I should be your bride,

Pray, what must we have for to eat, eat, eat?

Will the flames that you’re so rich in

Make a fire in the kitchen

And the little God of Love turn the spit, spit, spit?”


Then the little man he sighed

And some say a little cried,

And his little heart was big with sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.

I’ll be your little slave

And if the little that I have

Be too little, little dear, I will borrow, borrow, borrow.


Then the little man so gent

Made the little maid relent

And set her little soul a-thinking, king, king.

Though his little was but small,

Yet she had his little all

And could have of a cat but her skin, skin, skin.


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