Songs with Simon: How long have you been busking on the streets of London?

Trigger happy busker: I’m not a busker. I don’t even know how to play a musical instrument.

SWS: But you can play a piano accordion without looking at the keys!

THB: I’ve heard of a piano but what’s an accordion? How can anyone go busking with a piano?

SWS: Did you have any personal reasons  to make a bridge in London fall down? Or was the target chosen at random?

THB: I’m sorry but you must be talking to the wrong person. I’ve never been to London and I’m sure the Tower Bridge is… well, a perfectly lovely bridge.

SWS: How did you know that we were talking about the Tower Bridge?

THB: I didn’t! It’s just that London Bridge is the one that people always sing about. It’s about time that the Tower Bridge got a bit of publicity.

SWS: By blowing it up?

THB: Are you accusing me of making London Bridge fall down with a piano accordion? How is that even possible?

SWS: I have video footage of you busking for a banana and pressing a special key on your instrument right before the Tower Bridge fell down!

THB: A banana! That’s a step up!

SWS: I’m sorry?

THB: Well I normally play for peanuts!